Arkaline | Pipeline Mapping By Geo Pig
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Pipeline Mapping By Geo Pig

Arkaline GEO Pig uses INS (Internal Navigation System) technology. These types of smart pigs can detect the change in its spatial position and the rotation around all the three XYZ spaces. Therefore, this type of Smart Pig is capable of spotting its location with geographical coordinates of the beginning and end of the pipeline with higher accuracy (sub meter). The Arkaline Company’s GeOPig service can be provided as a separate smart Pig alone or in combination with other PIMKA, PITKA, PICKA Smart Pigs. Knowing the three dimensional path of the pipeline and the geographic location of all existing elements such as welding points, valves and potential defects, play an important role in the optimized operation, repair and maintenance of the pipeline (Pipeline Integrity). If excessive stress and load is applied to the pipeline due to natural disasters, it is possible to calculate these events by GEOPig and apply them in FFP and FFS process.

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