Arkaline | FFP & FFS
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In FFP and FFS, the various detected defects by Pig is investigated for the safe operation of the pipeline and maintenance program is offered for each defect. By doing this assessments, it is possible to determine an integral maintenance program for different defects by considering financial constraints.

In these evaluations, the ability to work in new conditions (working pressure) for operation of damaged   pipeline or pipeline with a crack is determined for a specific time.


The assessment results:

  • Dramatic increase in safety
  • Reduction in direct maintenance cost
  • Making recommendations for the safe operation of the pipeline till the    next inspection time
  • Determining any immediate repair
  • Developing a timeline for future maintenance of the pipeline defects
  • Recommendations to reduce corrosion and strategies to control
  • Planning a timeline to apply an advanced corrosion management    program
  • Determining the life of defected pipeline