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pipeline Inspection By Intelligent Pig



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Magnetic Flux leakage

Arkaline’s PIMKA Smart Pigs are designed and manufactured based on MFL technology...

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PICKA or Caliper is a type of Smart Pig that is used to measure the internal pipeline geometry...

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Transverse Flux Inspection

Arkaline’s PITKA Smart Pigs have been designed and manufactured based on magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology ...

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Pipeline Survey by Intelligent Pig

Oil and gas pipelines are the main arteries of the oil and gas industry and are responsible for continuous and safe delivery of our energy needs. Early detection of pipeline defects is very crucial in preventing any kind of leakage and explosion by performing timely maintenance procedures.

Smart Pigs are the best and most comprehensive equipment which are used for inspection, defect detection and also identification of the technical specification of the pipeline. For these reasons, they are widely used in oil and gas industry. Smart Pigs are specialized equipment that move with the fluid inside the pipeline and perform a thorough pipeline inspection to identify any defects in the pipeline and also determine technical specification of the pipeline.

Magnetic flux leakage

Arkaline Company uses Magnetic Flux leakage technology for detection of defects related to Metal loss. Along with this technology, the company has also developed two other technologies of Caliper and Geo to detect geometric defects and geographical locations.


Pipeline Survey by Intelligent Pig

Our Products


Arkaline Company recommends using PDM1 machine in order to neutralize the magnetic field created by Pigging. This device measures the magnetic field at the welding location and creates an equal and opposite magnetic field in order to neutralize the residual magnetic field.

Utility & Cleaning PIG

Arkaline Company develops and offers a variety of Utility Pigs for the purpose of cleaning the pipeline, pre-commissioning and assessing successful passing of Pig through the pipeline. These Pigs are designed and built in accordance to the requirements of the user and pipeline conditions.

Pig locator

Arkaline GEOPig uses INS (Internal Navigation System) technology. These types of smart pigs can detect the change in its spatial position and the rotation around all the three XYZ spaces. Therefore, this type of Smart Pig is capable of spotting its location with geographical coordinates of the beginning and end of the pipeline with higher accuracy (sub meter).


Arka Oil & Gas Pipeline

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